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The Dark Side

I'll pass you over to Reohoko to report on this one. She gets sooo close to the authors!

Reo's Review

Mmmm, visiting all these amazing tales is so much fun, I don’t think I can leave, and now I am going to visit here- Erik Modi writers these pages of erotic literature. It’s called the Dark Side, and filled with amazing fan fare that will make you hungry for more. You’ll come with me… to wander in the lands of space and time, to feel the sweet juices of hungry females? I’ll stay right beside you, guide you in the secret methods of which I have had some pleasures in exploring first hand, want to see what more is here? Read on…

There are three specific galleries of stories here in The Dark Side - Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, and Star Wars. Themes of the tales include the ever-amazing sexual pleasures of lesbian sex stories - “she started with her face and ears, and saved her womanhood for last…” Slaves, Mistress and Masters… “we are in our Mistress’ quarters, making love to her…” Sexual freedoms… “Public nudity, and even public sex, weren’t at all taboo…. See a woman sucking a man’s cock in the path in front of her…” Sex stories are always the greatest source of pleasures, places where you can let down your hair and explore fantastical adventures in wonderlands of amazement and adventure. You simply cannot avoid the warm marvel that flutters through your being, traveling up into the sensations that tickle your mind. Come here, let me show you…

In the Star Wars fanfare, there are more than 30 stories of erotic adventures…”The cock hardened in her mouth, and the rod began to vibrate in her pussy…” - The Enslavement of Aeryn Sun. “At least six of the phallic tentacles began rubbing against her naked body. Two of them twined around her breasts…” - Mara Jade Epic. “Her slave’s slow, soft sucking pleased Lem greatly. She petted her slave’s soft, blonde hair with one hand while fondling her own breast with the other…” - Queen of the Yuuzhan Vong. “The Vong in Mara’s mouth came, filling her mouth with thick, bitter-tasting semen.” - Revenge of the Yuuzhan Vong (Hard Version). “Jaina’s right hand slid slowly down her body, until it dipped between her legs and began gently stroking and petting the growing wetness between them…” - Lessons at the Academy.

You should come with me, and read the erotic stories in the pages beyond. It is always the best place to visit, the sites with tales and adventures of sexual pleasures - slavery, BDSM, and lot’s of amazing beauties exploring their worlds. CUM PLAY IN OUR WORLDS!


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